Happy Mail!

Super excited that I finally got my Posh order that was supposed to be here Wednesday after the post office put it in the wrong box :|

My Fresh Creamy Milk body butter that is incredible! I wish I could send a feeling and scent through the internet because, you guys, it smells soooo good. And a tiny bit goes a long ways! It’s normally $24 but new Posh customers can get it FREE right now with promo code FRESH with a $25 order.

The other exciting part of my order is my Big Fat Yummy Lip Plumper! Brand new product and it’s only around til it sells out. It feels so good! Just a hint of peppermint oil so it’s not overpowering but actually feels a little cooling and very moisturizing. You can get yours at http://jamison.po.sh.

Hope you’re having an awesome Friday night and don’t forget to take time for YOU!

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