Happy Mail!

Super excited that I finally got my Posh order that was supposed to be here Wednesday after the post office put it in the wrong box :|

My Fresh Creamy Milk body butter that is incredible! I wish I could send a feeling and scent through the internet because, you guys, it smells soooo good. And a tiny bit goes a long ways! It’s normally $24 but new Posh customers can get it FREE right now with promo code FRESH with a $25 order.

The other exciting part of my order is my Big Fat Yummy Lip Plumper! Brand new product and it’s only around til it sells out. It feels so good! Just a hint of peppermint oil so it’s not overpowering but actually feels a little cooling and very moisturizing. You can get yours at http://jamison.po.sh.

Hope you’re having an awesome Friday night and don’t forget to take time for YOU!

Rich in Shea...and Love

Do you know how much shea butter is included in most bath bars that list shea butter as an ingredient? Yeah, I didn't have any idea either. The answer is 3-5%. So...you can imagine how insanely decadent a bath bar with 25% shea butter would be.


Next question: You know shea butter is good, but do you know why? What are it's benefits? Again, I knew it was moisturizing and smells awesome but didn't know much more than that. The answer? It’s loaded with nutrients to draw and keep moisture, it softens skin, prevents cracks and irritating micro-tears, and leaves a protective layer on skin for hours after use. These benefits mean it has natural anti-aging benefits.

 And did you know that shea has been used by African women for over 1,000 years for their hair, skin, and even as a food supply?

 So here comes the really awesome part. You can help make a difference AND enjoy all these amazing benefits! I give you....Always Ghana Love You Chunk bath bar from Perfectly Posh.

Here's what you need to know:

- Naturally based ingredients like pomegranate and green tea power deep in to skin to remove oils, pollution, and dead flakes and calm inflammation; and a light flaxseed fiber that gently exfoliates.
- Working with the Global Shea Alliance, Perfectly Posh has partnered to purchase shea directly from 21 African countries, and over 400 cooperatives of African women. This network helps cut out commercial farms, and middle man markups to increase women’s pay by 50% and more while building their businesses to provide for their families.
- Petroleum AND cruelty free
- Vegan
- The purchase of this special bar includes a $1 donation to a very special project to improve a community in Ghana through the Global Shea Alliance and USAID. 

It doesn't get much better than that! You get to enjoy what feels like a guilty pleasure while you make a difference. Get yours now, at http://jamison.po.sh.

Block It Like Its Hot!

Yesterday, we took the dogs for a hike, and as you can see from the difference between my face and the burn/tan lines on my shoulders, I should have used sunscreen on my shoulders. But what I did use was Block It Like It's Hot moisturizer with SPF 30. I put it on yesterday morning and even by the afternoon, it still kept my face sunburn free! Fair skinned, blonde hair and blue eyed, and prone to skin cancer, but also forgetful when it comes to applying sunscreen the way I should, this is seriously the perfect product for me because I can put it on as part of my morning routine and know that it will help protect my skin all day.

You can find it here, if you'd like to try it out yourself: http://jamison.po.sh.